On our first trip to Bankgkok Jerry and I discovered a charming restaurant and shop and were so inspired we named our company Harmonique after this treasure. Our Harmonique, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area is a collection of businesses that reflect our love design and of all things Asian from art, design and décor to jewelry.

Harmonique Design offers complete interior design services from simple color consultations to complete interior remodeling design management. Please browse the Harmonique Design portfolio section of this website to see some of the diverse projects we have completed.

Harmonique Staging is a specialized design service for those selling their homes who wish to show their home in the best possible light and garner the highest possible sales price. Our services here range from hourly consultation to help you stage with your own furnishings to complete home makeovers including paint, furnishings and home décor. Staging is proven to increase your selling price and your profit!  Check out the before and after portfolio of recent projects.

Harmonique Home opened in September of 2004 in North Berkeley, and has quickly become the favored destination for clients who are looking for quality home furnishings, décor, Asian antiquities and curiosities. Harmonique also offers custom furniture designed and built to meet your needs. Plus, we have a growing selection of home décor and furnishings made exclusively for us by artisans in various Asian countries that you will only find at Harmonique. Click here to browse our store.

Our second store, Harmonique Garden opened quietly in the fall of 2006. As the name implies, here we feature statuary, fountains, furniture and décor specifically for the garden and outdoor living. Housed in the a 4-story backstage area of the historic Oaks Theatre in north Berkeley, the setting is a secret garden of treasures and finds, again hand selected by us on our travels. Check out what’s in our stores right from this site.

A word about our suppliers: Lots of people ask us about the companies we buy from around the world. We make it a policy to support small companies, usually family-owned businesses who treat their employees with care and respect and pay them fairly according the standards of the country where they live and produce quality products. What about “fair trade”? In many countries fair trade means paying a few people more while others lose their jobs, and often the extra cost goes to those who administer the fair trade program instead of the people who actually do the work. We just eliminate that potential middle man, and deal directly with small companies that we personally have visited and evaluated ourselves. We pay the best price we can within the realities of the market place in the local country and here in the U.S. At the same time, we do whatever we can to increase our own efficiency, our quality, and our marketability, with the objective of eliminating unnecessary costs and creating a growing demand for our products.

The selection of goods at Harmonique Home and Harmonique Garden will continue to expand as we travel the world to find the unique, whimsical and interesting treasures from the many cultures that we admire. If you want to travel along with us–visit our Travel Blog. And if you are planning a trip abroad, please ask us for our recommendations and we’ll happily share our experience with you.

Best of all…this is so much fun.

Drop in to one of our stores or email us and let us know what you are looking for, what you want to change in your beautiful home, or tell us about your recent travels.

Pat and Jerry